Annie Ross’ Show in Sacramento, California

this image shows Sacramento city hall

Yes, you heard it right! Annie Ross is going to perform live in Sacramento, CA very soon. Though Jazz lovers need no introduction to her, for amateurs, Annie Ross is a legendary singer, writer and composer who started her career in Jazz music when she was just seven. 

While more information on the show will be made available soon, below mentioned information is aimed at tourists who want to attend the concert with their families and want to make a holiday of it.

Sacramento Zoo

What else can be a better place than a zoo to begin your family holiday with? With over 400 animal species collected from all over the world, the Sacramento Zoo serves as a perfect recreational and educational center for young visitors. Apart from interacting with the various animals at the zoo, kids can also have fun playing in the park located on the premises. 

California State Railroad Museum

If you want your kids to understand the ancient history of California and how the rail system and postal services helped it transform into what it is today, you must take them to the California State Railroad Museum. Here kids can not only learn how primitive railways worked but can also see the actual locomotives used for transportation. They can also visit and understand how the ancient postal services worked at the Railway Post Office. Overall, this is a great place for all ages to learn as well as to have some fun at the same time.

Raging Waters

Raging Waters, the largest water park in Sacramento city, is a fun place to visit for tourists of all ages, though it’s more popular with kids and water activity lovers. With over 25 rides and slides, this place has everything to help set your mood right. As with any other water park, Raging Waters also has some height and weight restrictions in place for extreme rides. For people, who are not eligible for certain rides; numerous pools and eateries located all around the park can help keep them busy.   

The American River Bike Trail

If your family loves outdoor activities, The American River Bike Trail is a great place to have some fun while cycling along the riverside. It is a 32 miles long trail and is divided into two lanes equipped with various amenities such as restrooms, eateries, telephones for public use, etc. So, if you are hungry or feeling tired mid-way, you can always stop at a nearby food court and grab a snack or take some rest in one of the restrooms before starting again.

Fairy tale Town

Fairytale Town is a 2.5-acre children’s play area which also has a museum inside. The entire park is designed keeping in mind the fairy tales that kids love. There are a total of 25 play areas and each of them brings to life one of those fairy tales we were in love with as kids. This is a must place a visit for families having juniors, especially children aged 6 years or younger.

Though the main goal behind your Sacramento tour is to attend the Annie Ross’ concert, visiting the above mentioned attractions can help you keep your family entertained before and after the show, especially if they are not very much into music!