Annie Ross’ Show in Houston

Hello residents of Houston! Are you ready to soak yourselves up in the mesmerizing melodies of Annie Ross? Yes, you heard it right! The legendary Jazz artist is all set to perform a concert in your city soon. However, there is no need for Jazz lovers located elsewhere in the US to feel dejected. Because, this show can be your ticket to tour Houston and have some great time along with your loved ones.

If you haven’t been to Houston before, and want to know about the tourist attractions that are worth visiting here, below mentioned information can help you.

Space Center Houston

Space Center Houston is the most popular tourist attraction in the city. Here you can visit the replica of the US’ first space center, Skylab and take walk through Independence, a space shuttle replica. The most exciting display, however, is the rock collected from the moon. You can also touch it if you want to! If you are a space enthusiast, you can also learn here about NASA’s latest and upcoming projects, including the Mars Mission. 

Houston’s Museum District 

As the name suggests, Houston’s Museum District is a small district like the place, which hosts as many as 11 museums. Except for a couple of them, most of these museums are located at a strolling distance from one another. Some of the museums in the district include Fine Arts Museum, Museum of Natural Science, Children’s Museum, Holocaust Museum, and Museum of Contemporary Arts among others. This is a must-visit place for tourists of all ages, as one or the other museum has something to offer for every age group.

Buffalo Bayou Park 

Sitting next to the Museum District in 160 acres in the beautiful Buffalo Bayou Park. This place is equally popular with locals as well as tourists. There are numerous trails all over the park for hiking and biking lovers. People, who love outdoor water activities, can go for an adventurous ride on a Kayak or hire a Canoe. Paddleboard lovers can go for a stand-up paddleboard along the waters of Bayou. There are numerous shops located on the premises of the park where you can rent the required gear to enjoy your favorite water sport. 

Houston Zoo

Houston Zoo is a place to be in if you are traveling with young kids. Housing over 6,000 animal species collected from all around the globe, the zoo is a perfect place to entertain your juniors. Apart from entertainment, the children can also learn a few lessons about wildlife at the zoo’s education center. They can also try feeding the giraffes when they are not busy having fun looking at some of the strange sea creatures at the aquarium, also located on the premises. 

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are a lot more attractions to visit and many more fun things to do in Houston. However, you need to be able to spare enough time if you want to visit them all.